I Just went and met the wonderful lynda D’aboh

Me on the tube ..to see Lynda click on the links to her blogs ...

Lynda is a travel lifestyle and beauty blogger and the creator of the beautiful blog: https://wonderlusting.co.uk

I literally envy her amazing artistic eye for colour and shapes as well as atmosphere.

Lynda also talked about imperfection as something she loves to have present in her work, which is a wonderful insight in the world of beauty . 

Clearly a discerning and knowledge skincare blogger who can separate fact from fiction and green from greenwash. 

The main thing is, we had a really lovely lunch, and it’s been amazing to meet such a female power house of artistic creativity and utter style. 



I’ve handed over some samples, and I’ve really got to wait and see if Lynda likes our products, because my feeling is no amount of information or product promotion from me, will dissuade her from telling it like it is. 

I hold my breath .....

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