Insect & Bees

Bees Butt from Love Absolute

 A literal catastrophe has been announced on the news that insects are being wiped out by pesticides, and insects are a massive and vital aspect of our eco system. 

Within the century we could lose all insects. 

We are happy to have chosen English biodiverse novel oil seed crops for our formulations and products, from a supplier that is a member of the Bee Friendly Trust. 
Their objective is to increase habitats for all pollinators and to promote biodiverse crops that allow late seasons for bees and other pollinators.
These include flies, moths, bats wasps and some flower beetles.
Oil seeds such as English starflower, English grown Camelina and English Avensis oil rely on insect pollination and help local ecosystems by supporting a healthy Bee population as well as supporting other insects. They are also resistant to insects and avoid the need for pesticides. 
Many of these novel crops rely on insect pollination, and play a key role in sustaining a healthy bee colony during the late summer months, a time other commercial crops have already been harvested.
There is a strong mutual interdependence between the bee and the plant, with a trade-off of nectar for pollination. Our suppliers also get honey from the borage ( Starflower).
The loss of these crops from the countryside has played a part in the decline of the UK bee population and other insects. 
 We also use organic flower oils, organic essential oils and sustainable ingredients and we are committed to the best quality of eco friendly ingredients overall.