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Love Absolute Affiliates and Influencers


Help raise the awareness of the decrease of pollinating insects and how to help ..


We are looking to highlight important issues for the environment as part of what we do, and currently the decrease of insects due to pesticides, mono crops and lack of diversity is a topic close to our heart. We want our influencers to not only promote our products, but to help us highlight and inform customers on ways to help with the protection of wildlife meadows and pollinators habitats worldwide.

This means helping us by researching and highlighting any fascinating facts you can find, to show how cute and friendly pollinators are and how vital to the food chain.

Creating suggestions on how to personally support local insects by  planting friendly plants and flowers  in window boxes. 

How to oppose pesticide use, and only choose ethically grown diverse products, rather than products that are unsustainable, or from mono crops that starve insects of balanced nutrition.

We have an affiliate programme which can be found here :

First  find us on the advertisers list.

For the affiliate marketing you need to sign up for the programme, add us as an advertiser from the drop down list, and let us know so we can approve. Then you can use the links when you are writing about our products in blogs and content.  When readers go through the links, you get paid 8% of sales in a monthly payout.

All assets and product images should be available upon sign up. 

Instagram has opened up its swipe link facility for smaller influencers on stories, which enables smaller influencers to use affiliate links, and make sales directly from the platform.

Another way is for us to gift products that you think suit your style and ethos, or products your followers would like to know more about. Please let us know how you normally work, and your ideas along with what you’d like to try.