Mirror Love

 Mirror Work

Mirror Mirror on the wall can I whisper my  insecurities to you? 

Can I disclose intricate & secret loves and hates, when no one is watching? 
Examine my imperfections, be brutal and stand close, look at me; am I just fantasy?
Is your reflection truth, or just a fantasy of light and illusion formed out of your imagination? 
 Is your reflection just an idea that you hold that is fully atmosphere and mood dependant ? 
Dependant on what’s been said to you and dependant on the way you were treated and cared for when young, or in relationships?
It’s well know that some people have very  inaccurate ideas about their own appearance and personality. 
When looking in the mirror, people stand too close and focus on specific areas, yet when observed a human is more like a dance of words & movement, and appearance is only a part of the sense you have of any real interaction.  
A person is rarely seen as a chin with lines, or as a minute scar, or a round belly, rather people are experienced more as a complete interaction of qualities and movement that shifts through emotions and ideas, whilst exchanging stories. 
 Mirror Work : 
Be aware that the mirror is a sophisticated tool for change.
Never risk being mean to yourself secretly in the mirror....it might seem counterintuitive but the idea is to stand in front of the mirror and say really nice things to yourself. 
Think about how you would talk to a friend rather than how you normally talk to yourself. 
Ideas of what to say:
Turn your fears into their positive counterpart, and  be sure to state what you want, then stand in front of the mirror and say to your self ...
( Lacking respect )
I deserve respect at work
( lonely ) 
I deserve a thoughtful caring partner 
I deserve loving kind friends
( Feeling you don’t earn enough) 
I deserve success, reward and recognition for my work ., 
( Self critical) 
I’m beautiful 
My body is beautiful 
I deserve appreciation and kindness from family 
I deserve love 
( Feeling weak) 
I’m strong and deserve to be recognised as capable etc 
( Self critismn) 
I love my face and I love my body 
just as you are...
Work our something that suits you and tell yourself this eye to eye .. 
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