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Helping Acne Skin at Love Absolute

Helping Acne Skin at Love Absolute
In high street stores and chemists across the uk, products that are unhelpful, like harsh alcohol toners,  are targeted at teens with acne, leadin...



LOVE ABSOLUTE MAKEOVER really just a simplification of our earlier design . 

We also created some new products to celebrate Ocean Cult Clay Mask & Balm is a skin superfood influences are the deep ocean :

Rich in ocean superfoods this nourishing balm massages into damp skin, allowing the gel to emulsify dirt from the pores, without drying skin.

Infused with nutrients from vitamin rich blue green algae along with essential oils and seaweed. 

Leaves skin feeling clean, hydrated, soothed and silky soft and helps skin to retain lipid and moisture levels, with micronutrients and essential fatty acids. 

Shown here also newly designed ;

Lavish Cold Cream Cleanser 

Featuring the top ingredients, rich and lavish pure English grown Blackcurrant with Elderberry.  

Purple fruits combined  with raspberry seed oil and organic flower seed oils. Purple fruits are special as they contain contain anthocyanins and antioxidants.

These may have a role in repairing sun damage and restoring  a healthy even appearance to skin. 

Black Blackcurrant has been shown to have an amazingly  positive effect on skin appearance and hydration,  possible due to its unusually rich level of constituents. 

Raspberry Seed Oil helps transport nutrition into the skins cells.