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Vitality restoring and calming body oil with pure organic Thistle Oil and fruit and flower seed oils in a botanical blend infused with Helycrysum & Blue Chamomille, Rose, Geranium, Frankincense Ylang Ylang essential oils.

A light blue oil with a sea fresh herbal scent from our signature blend pure essential oils. “ Amoral “

An ideal way to restore the body and replenish lost moisture from sun, sea and bathing so the skin looks smooth, silky and glowing.  

Quick absorbing oil keeps skin in a healthy condition, with botanicals that will heal and soothe minor blemishes and skin issues; providing essential hydration in the case of dry skin. 

Amoral oil is naturally blue in a colour, a blend of skin loving superfoods which repair, hydrate and protect  skin, preventing  transdermal water loss. 

The light Aquamarine colour is from Azulene, the active ingredient in Blue Chamomille which soothes, calms and heals the skin. 


A light moisturising blend for quick and soothing hydration after bathing.

Flowers: White poppy seed oil is high in tocepherols which is beneficial for dermatitis and psoriasis, and high linoleic oils *Safflower ( Thistle oil) & *Sunflower reduce redness and restore the lipid balance of skin.

Contains a dose of rich fruit seed oils to provide vitamins and phytonutrients : Blackcurrant oil regenerates skin cells, Elderberry seed oil is full of lipid soluble antioxidants plus Raspberry seed oil contains phytosterols that prevent fines lines and help repair uv damage, whilst supporting transport of nutrients into the skin.


This is a non comedegenic blend. 



**Pure cold pressed grown Blackcurrant 

Pure cold Pressed Raspberry

*Pure Cold Pressed Elderberry

**Cold pressed white poppy seed Poppy Seed

*Thistle oil  *Safflower  

 * Organic ingredients **UK grown                                 




Moisturising: can be used over damp skin after washing. 

Use a little to cleanse. 

Use to help heal skin blemishes and dry skin.

Use for conditioning normal skin.

Use as a daily bath or body  oil to keep skin in beautiful condition. 

As a serum for dry areas. 

Use a little to condition split hair ends. 

Use everyday everywhere. 

Sold in Miron violet glass bottles, biophotonic glass blocks certain uv light and lets aspects of the light spectrum  though, and this technology preserves and prevent oxidisation of the organic constituents and cold pressed oils retaining nutrients.

A  bottle that should be re-used re turned or recycled.