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Sensitive Skin

100% Plant Based, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Products with healing and calming botanicals.

Plant Based Beauty for Sensitive Skin

A minimal approach that is calm and consistent should be used with gentle cleansing and moisturisation to really heal the skin and improve the skin barrier regulation, and improve the function of the acid mantle. 

Sensitive skin is thought to be more permeable, with less defence from allergens. Care must be taken to ensure the right botanicals are used to avoid skin reactions.

Questions we get frequently asked

What natural ingredients are good for sensitive skin?

Blue Chamomile has soothing activities from Bisabol and Chamazulene which reduce inflammation and Butterfly Pea Powder is loaded with Anthocyanins that reduce irritation and environmental damage on the skin surface, as well as feeling very soothing. High Linoleic oils also support the function of sensitive skin, along with oils rich in ceramides.

Why is plant based skincare better for sensitive skin?

Many botanicals have activities that can help with skin issues such as redness and irritation. The multifaceted nature of plants means a wealth of constituents get to work, rather than relying on one or two synthesised chemicals. These elements work together and much of their role combines to modulate inflammation and irritation, which is ideal to support healing sensitive skin.

Cruelty Free

Natural & Organic

Pollinator Friendly

Plant Based