Salvation Angel Clay - Love Absolute
Salvation Angel Clay - Love Absolute

Love Absolute Salvation Angel Clay

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Healing earthy love from aquamarine sea clay to exfoliate dead skin cells and oxygenate skin. 

A simple but effective blend of gentle and pristine ethically sourced aquamarine sea clay and nutritious sea greens.

Contains over 60 naturally occurring rare earth minerals and irons, including silver.

Blue green algae and mineral clays, help to deep clean skin, removing pollution particles, and dissolve dead skin cells, for natural exfoliation and a calming effect on skin.

Our uniquely sourced healing sea clay, can help reduces the effects of problem skin and blemishes ultra fast. 

 Love Absolute Salvation Angel Clay Sunset

Once activated with water, this beautiful blend, gets to work as a deep pore cleanser and special healing treatment for skin that has fallen out of balance.

Oily and combination skin
Deep cleanse and pollution cleanse

Skin that needs recovery from over indulgence.


Kaolin Illite ( Green & Blue Healing Clays)  Betonite  Sodium Chloride ** Maris Limus (Aquamarine Sea Clay)  *Spirulina Maxima Extract *Ascophylum Nodosum *Matricaria Flower Oil *Helycrysum Italicum Flower Oil natural occurring allergens  Limonene Citronella Geraniol 

* Organic

** Sustainably harvested 


Salvation Angel Clay Rituals

Discard mixed up mask after use. 

A fresh sea scent from essential oils


100 ml (80g) Packaged in a miron glass jar which can be reused as a herb and spice jar. 
50 ml is in tin and paper.