Love Absolute Immortal Flower Cream
Love Absolute Immortal Flower Cream
Love Absolute Immortal Flower Cream

Love Absolute Immortal Flower Cream

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Natural botanicals combined to create an intensive elixir absolutely packed with natural vitamins from English grown superfoods.

A moisturising calming day cream with a luxurious base of seven nutrient rich high gla fruit & flower seed oils with organic oils, in a non comedegenic safe and gentle cream. 

100% Vegan

High GLA Black Blackcurrant, Elderberry, Raspberry and Organic  Rosehip Seed Oils plus pure Organic Flower Oils Thistle White Poppy Seed and High Linoleic Organic Sunflower.

Immortal Flower Cream Science and Alchemy

A daily facial cream that will nourish and balance skin,  whilst repairing  and protecting as well as hydrating. Made out of light absorbable skin nourishing oils, beautiful to use, a cream that is crafted out of sustainable, biodiverse & organic ingredients,

 Holistically healing skin and giving long lasting protection from the effects of weather and environment. 

Immortal Flower Cream Ritual

Blue Chamomile is skin calming and reduces inflammation with the natural active azulene.

Helycrysum is known as ‘everlasting  or immortal oil’  and is anti bacterial and helps promotes healthy radiance with intensive antioxidant properties.

The infusion of organic and English grown essential oils  imparts a fresh & unique natural scent.

♻️Sold in sturdy Miron violet glass bottles, which blocks certain uv lights and lets other though, to preserve organic and cold pressed oils.

This jar can be easily re used to keep your herbs and spices fresh just rinse and put through dishwasher. Or use Milton tablet to cold sterilise after washing.