Silk and Spice Facial Wash

Silk and Spice Facial Wash

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Silky smooth foaming gel, which cleanses gently, leaving facial skin fresh and soft with Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Natural Fruit and Aloe Vera to soothe & hydrate.

Formulated without SLS & detergents. 

Infused with organic essential aromatherapy oils; Ylang Ylang which inspires positive mood, Sweet Orange that is uplifting and fresh, and Rose Centrifolia, which can smooth and condition skin.

A base of astringent Juniper Berry essential oil , helps alleviate spots and blemishes. 

Especially pleasurable to use, our gel has a soft gliding texture and warm spicy scent from pure organic essential oils. 

With regular use our wash will reveal a fresher revitalised complexion, and supple glowing younger skin. 

Features Aloe Vera Gel, which has been oxygenated to give a smooth foam naturally, without the need for harsh detergents. 

SLS Free and Ph balanced, gentle enough for everyone. Preserved with natural  preservatives and oil free.