Soulful Spice Mask and Balm
Soulful Spice Mask and Balm

Soulful Spice Mask and Balm

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The Spicy cleansing and exfoliation  balm with Soul. Organic Wild Tumeric, Thanaka, Saffron and Sustainable Sandlewood. 

This oily cleansing gel is soap free, SSL free, SLS free and infinitely versatile and turns into a honey coloured milk on damp skin with a gentle velvet exfoliate texture.

Wild Tumeric has an amazing array of skin loving qualities and is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, loaded with vitamins and magnesium. 

Known as a ‘lightening and brightening spice’ it can tone and refresh skin whilst being gentle enough for all skin types. 

Saffron has been shown to alleviate stress by altering the bodies hormones, and has a natural deep base note type aroma. Even in tiny amounts, Saffron can be balancing and inspires positive mood. 

Sandlewood is known for its astringent and antiseptic qualities, with a reputation for healing blemishes and skin trouble spots. 

Thanaka is from the lemon tree and has the beautifying actives ‘coumarin and marmesin.’

Supported in a base of Biodiverse English Wild Flower Oils and Organic Oils  Camelina (Golden Flax) Poppy Seed, *Thistle and Starflower.

Some of the finest ingredient make up this heart warming spicy star. 

Guaranteed to cheer up the darkest day and inject vibrancy into skin.

Soulful Spice Mask and Balm


Soulful Spice Cleansing Balm Rituals

This balm had a deep rich and sweet yet warm honey and slightly lemon spice scent from its herbs and sustainable essential oils and an infusion of saffron.