Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm
Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm
Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm

Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm

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A luxurious and true natural vegan anhydrous balm with a sweet aroma from vegan butter ‘Bayberry’ and a subtle infusion of the petals of Gardenia Tahitensis Flower.  

Gardenia extract, is a gentle effluaged extract which  houses the potent antioxidant ferulic acid, and is soothing and calming to skin, with a feeling  of wellbeing whilst using.

The gardenia holistically accents the subtle ‘warm sweet spicy aroma’ of Organic Shea Butter and high gla cold pressed sustainable speciality oils from Uk farmers; Blackcurrant,  Elderberry and Starflower.

Blackcurrant smoothes and repairs facial skin whilst starflower reduces fine lines and elderberry reduces redness and inflammation.

This balm is literally loaded with nutritious fatty acids and purple fruit antioxidants. 

Blended with sustainable anti -inflammatory Vegan Myrica Fruit Wax ( Bayberry) the only true natural wax which melts beautifully into the skin, and is naturally and sustainably extracted from sun dried berries; plus composed of protective triglycerides which moisturise skin, and lend a sweet balsamic scent. 

It’s low melting point means it easily melts into skin, feels non greasy and identical to the skins sebum, plus is non pore congesting and protective. 

Lastly Cold Pressed Raspberry which lubricates and helps vitamins carry into the skin and a little Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with anti inflammatory and antiviral healing Lauric Acid . 

Ideal for moisturising mature and dry facial skin, or for leave on masking and oil cleansing.  

Use on any areas of skin that need extra help support and nourishment or extra protection from weather damage, and can shape eyebrows and beard whilst conditioning with its wealth of balanced fatty acids. 


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 Sold in Miron violet glass bottles, which blocks certain uv lights and lets other though, to preserve organic and cold pressed oils, a bottle that should be washed and re used to keep herbs & spices fresh.