Blemish healing blue green clay from love absolute
Blemish healing blue green clay from love absolute
Love Absolute Skincare Green and Blue Blemish Healing Clays
Love Absolute Bamboo Brush
Recovered fallen coconut bowl with clay masks from Love Absolute


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An alchemical  Blue and Green Bioactive Mask blend that is vitamin rich, with over 60 rare Earth minerals and irons including silver.

Our mineral clay blend will clean away dead cells, exfoliate your skin, and help clear up blemishes ultra fast. 

Fine Blue Clay gently clears dirt, deep from the pores and used regularly will reduce pore size. 

Green Clay & Sea Clay's have active healing properties, and will reduce redness and help clear up troubled skin.

Mixed to suit all skin types, our mask works to reduce inflammation as well as to oxygenate skin, giving a post mask glow, with a feeling of freshness and thorough cleansing from the toll of daily pollution.

Balances sebum production and restores healthy PH to skin.

This mask is like pressing the re set button for skin when skin is out of balance.

This is a green coloured easy swelling dry powder, that is activated by mixing with water as needed.

A fresh sea scent from essential oils.


We carefully hand blend our Deep ocean oxygenating clay, Bio active Green Clay, Bio active Blue Clay, Glacial Sea Silt.

We also add Organic Blue Green Algae with Phycocyanin,that  provides hormone precursors that trigger skin repair, along with a wealth of naturally occurring vitamins.

An extra boost for skin comes with the addition of Organic seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp) and Dead Sea Salt which smoothes skin and repairs and revitalises cells. 

Blue Chamomille and Helycrysum our ’Immortal Oil’ soothe and improve results, with active ingredients azulene which is skin balancing and calming.

These oils are known to be potent antibacterials and antioxidants. 

Our clay's have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties, and are sourced from areas that have been established el via research as healing clays. 

Your Mask Includes a mask brush and sustainably collected food safe fallen coconut bowl which is easy to use and the ideal way to mix up your mask. 


Cambrian Blue clay

Volcanic Clay

Healing Green clay

Pristine Ocean Clay 

* Spirulini

*Wild Harvested Seaweed

*Helycrysum Immortal oil

*Blue Chamomile


The Ingredients easily mix with water and the clay swells and can be stirred and applied , as water activates the Bio-Active Healing properties of the Clay.

Once mixed with water, clay must be discarded after each use. Mix only what you need. 


About the healing properties of clay  

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