Heal and Calm Mini Skin Shots
Heal and Calm Mini Skin Shots
Heal and Calm Mini Skin Shots

Heal and Calm Mini Skin Shots

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luxury travel size skin shots in the perfect size for a vacation with an opportunity to nourish and replace essential fatty acids and micronutrients. 

15 ml miron glass bottles in a canvas bag....

Heal and Calm Collection Gift Set 

Immortal Flower Cream 15 ml

Radiance Oil Serum 15 ml

Amoral Facial Oil 15 ml

Ocean Cult Clay 15 ml 

Extra gift Salvation Angel Clay 15 ml Free 

Includes Canvas recyclable travel bag and porcelain spoon. 

Immortal Flower Cream

A moisturising calming day cream with a luxurious base of nutrient rich pure cold pressed fruit & flower seed oils, and organic oils, in a non comedegenic safe and gentle cream   

Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil 

Amoral oil will restore your skins essential fatty acid balance dousing the skin in naturally occurring vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants. Gives beautiful skin smoothness and hydration, for a healthy vibrant glowing complexion. 

Facial Radiance Oil 

Rich in micro nutrients and vitamins, radiance oil works like magic to improves the condition of skin, and is easily absorbed with a softening effect when used daily,  beneath moisturiser to help reduce the appearance of  fine lines and give vibrancy for a healthy natural glow.

 Ocean Cult Clay 

Rich in ocean superfoods this nourishing balm massages into damp skin, allowing the gel to emulsify dirt from the pores, without drying skin.

Salvation Angel Clay Free

An alchemical  Blue and Green Bioactive Mask  in a deep pore cleansing blend, that is vitamin rich, with over 60 rare Earth minerals and irons including silver.

Heal problems and blemishes on skin holistically with sea herbs, natural vitamins and clays.