Monkey Apple Ritual Mask
Monkey Apple Ritual Mask
Monkey Apple Ritual Mask

Monkey Apple Ritual Mask

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Organic Monkey Apple Powder or Thanaka is a beautiful tree bark powder, which is a sister to Sandlewood,  but also contains compounds similar to vanilla and cinnamon, welcome to the unique bathing of skin in the actives ‘coumarin and marmesin.’

It has been used historically for 2000 years as a beautifying Mask, sun screen and cooling after sun, by the people of Burma, and is a sunny pale yellow colour.

A beauty tradition that has outlasted countless dynasties and is still in practise today, highly valued for its soothing and cooling effects on facial skin. 

Thanaka Monkey Apple Mask Powder

With well know aesthetic qualities, it is has been  historically used to controls excessive facial oil, remove pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

The bark we use is grown organically, and then finely ground between stones to make a powder.

Monkey Apple is perfect as a second cleanse mask and part of a home wellbeing ritual to soften skin, colour correct and deliver pure and natural love. 

Thanaka Monkey Apple Rituals

So gentle you can leave it on all day.. especially if you are planning to go out to play in the sun or to soothe and repair skin after sun exposure. 

Not intended to replace regular sunscreen with an established  SPF. 

The monkey tree bark is traditionally used in Myramar as a sunscreen, though we recommend using a regular sunscreen and topping with monkey apple swirls & designs for further protection. 


Plastic Free 

Choose Miron Glass & Aluminium paper labels plastic free product from website . Re use & recyle. 

Or choose Miron Glass tamper evident pourer & re use or recycle ♻️