Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar - Love Absolute
Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar - Love Absolute
Love Absolute Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar

Love Absolute Deep Ocean Facial Mud Bar

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Gentle organic facial cleansing bar that deep cleans skin, with the worlds finest and purest aquamarine sea mud Maris Limus

For a deeper gentler and less drying cleanse, with moisturising oils, that stimulates skin vibrance and increase oxygenation in a plastic free eco bar.

With certified organic ingredients, plus lots of antioxidants from pure un-saponated English Black Blackcurrant seed oil and Aquamarine Ocean Glacial Sea Clay

Our clay is collected with zero environmental impact from pristine fjords and sub alpine areas of British Columbia. 

Aquamarine ocean glacial clay has very fine particles that emulsify dirt from the skin pores, improving micro circulation. In research our Clay has been shown to reduce pore size visibly whilst decreasing sebum production by 95 %.

Chamazulene from Blue Chamomile’s actives soothes redness, along with bisabolol that has a calming anti-inflammatory effect.

 Helycrysum ‘Immortal’ essential oil, is a favourite herb in Mediterranean herb. 

100% Vegan

Trimmed with loose clay & jojoba wax grains 

Non drying for delicate facial skin.  

Suits all skin types and works with sensitive skin.

Our glacial Clay is proven to reduce sebum production by 95%

To Use 

When bathing rub bar between hands and create a lather, use lather to wash face and rinse. 


Aqua *Glycerin **Sodium Palmate English Black Blackcurrant Fruit Oil Ribus Nigram Sucrose ***Sodium Cocoate **Decyl Glucoside *Aquamarine Ocean Glacial Clay (Pristine Sea Silt dry) Sodium Chloride
Citric Acid *Helycrysum Essential Oil *Blue Chamomille Essential Oil ***Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder *** Sodium Citrate Sodium Palm Kernelate Jojoba wax exfoliation beads  

* Organic  

** Manufactured from certified organic oils

*** Certified organic material  


A light and refreshing sea scent “ Amoral oil” our signature natural scent from essential oils.  


Packed in a convenient travel tin.
Plastic free.  Re use or recycle. 

Printed with Vegetable Ink on Recycled Paper PF Edition