Story of Love Absolute Skincare

Love Absolute is an award winning indie brand of pure and botanically derived skincare that works so well you won’t need make up.... 100% Vegan Cruelty Free & Guilt Free with ethical and luxurious Ingredients 

We love to use the right botanical oils, fatty acids and micronutrients to support oily, sensitive and dry skin conditions. 

Normal skin will also benefit from the correct balance of fatty acids to support the skins microbiome. 

''I'm Sarah Bisset a holistic therapist and single mum of five grown up boys and I started making products to suit my holstic massage and facial clients, as well as my sons and my own sensitive skin, and progressed to selling at a local farmers market.

I wanted to look fresh and confident, and I love not needing make up or having to cover up my skin as I age. 

I was so inspired by the positive feedback from those who tried our early products.

In the testing phase, we gave out over 300 bottles to extended friends and family and listened to what they wanted.

Some were harder to please than others...

Bertie at Love Absolute Skincare

The main thing was a desire for products bridging the gap in natural skincare, between simplistic oils and balms, to multifunctional and effective formulations that give flawless results. 

Wolf and Badger 

Pest Resistant Bee Friendly Speciality Oil Seeds.

Our conscious ingredient sourcing means we only use organic local, and sustainable ingredients.

UK grown speciality oils, offer many advantages to bees insects and pollinators. 

 They are naturally pest resistant crops, grown to very high standards by farmers nearby and cold pressed and bottled in the Uk.

 Speciality oil seeds, offer greater soil diversity and a verifiable short supply chain.

This means lower carbon emissions and less travel time, so are oils are always ultra fresh.  

Buying directly from the producers of our oils, and staying in touch, creates a valuable connection, as the growers and produces take great pride in their work.  


Clinically Tested Ingredients That Deliver Real Results. 

Many of the unique oils we choose, have undergone reputable clinical research proving their ability to improve the appearance of skin, reduce fine lines, and improve hydration as well as reducing transdermal water loss. 

If you want to know more about the clinical research behind our individual ingredients, please message us.


Check out our reviews 

Please through read our press and beauty blogs to see the wealth of reviews we have received, plus our Instagram highlights.  What real people say is what  matters.

We let the products speak for themselves. 

Soulful Spice Exfoliate