The Story of Love Absolute Skincare


Beauty from Bee Friendly Speciality Oil Seeds that are incredibly kind to sensitive skin.
Our choice of UK grown speciality oils, offers many advantages to bees insects and pollinators, as well as offering some of the most skin friendly fatty acids available. 

 These are sourced from naturally pest resistant crops, and grown to very high standards by farmers nearby.  

Sarah from Love Absolute Skincare


I’m Sarah Bisset a holistic therapist and healer, and I’ve worked doing massage and facials in fields and festival spas for many years. 

I wanted to create very gentle and holistic products that support sensitive skin.

This means products that are relaxing and enjoyable to use, yet work on many levels.

Always l
eaving skin (including more mature skin) balanced fresh and glowing.

You can stay healthy, whilst avoiding chemicals and toxins, yet still look and feel confident.

Each product offers a spa worthy and sensory ‘well-being experience’ in its own right.  

 I prefer multifunctional and effective formulations that give flawless results, yet are very simple to use.
Products that can double up if you are travelling or stuck in a field, and can only carry a couple of things. 

Imagine you are on a desert island and your beauty routine has to be  just one or two products? 

From our range you can simplify.
Just choose a cleansing bar or balm, a facial cream or an oil, and these alone will start you on your journey to flawless skin. 

Everything works together. 


We only make small batches, that are fresh and traceable.

Everything is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

All ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced, and luxuriously high in quality. 

Our unique composition of botanical oils, fatty acids and micronutrients help to support oily, sensitive and dry skin conditions. 

Normal skin can also benefit from the correct balance of fatty acids to support the skins microbiome. 


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