Simple Fresh & Green

 Sarah from Love Absolute Skincare  


I’m Sarah B Ma Soph CMA 

I grew up in the country in Gloucestershire in a village called Chalford Hill near Stroud with an Elderberry tree in the garden, Honeysuckle next door and Blackcurrants and Dog Rose growing wild along the hedgerows. 

As a holistic therapist often doing natural facials, facial accupressure and beauty facials, I started to make my own products and whilst sourcing ingredients I looked close to home in my research.  

I found that Blackcurrant Raspberry Elderberry ‘English Fruit & Wildflowers’ yield particularly biodiverse and sustainable high GLA oils.

These speciality oil seeds crops grown in the UK are insect and Bee friendly, containing fatty acid profiles perfect for supporting skincare and skin issues, as well as offering anti-aging benefits. 

I’ve developed these products for my holistic practise, and I’ve had loads of experience in supporting people’s switch to natural skincare across numerous skin types. 

Our family (5 sons) and my sister, have very sensitive allergic type skin, and this had guided my choices a lot. 

Many natural ingredients were tried, and some had to be discarded along the way, and only the natural ingredients that really worked some magic for us, and also worked for our family, friends and clients consistently were chosen. .

Love Absolute products are fully vegan as well.

Gentle enough for everyone, and luxurious enough to make you feel extra special and ultra pampered.

It’s often only a few minutes we get to home spa, and to engage in some relaxation, so what you use, should delight the senses and restore balance to your skin and mind, whilst re charging batteries and restoring peace to the soul. 

I believe in multifunctional solutions, using small amount of something beautiful that works, rather than throwing tons of products and plastic into the bin or down the sink therefore minimising and keeping things simple: You may only need 3 or 4 products that are a joy to use and that cover all bases.