Story of Love Absolute Skincare

100% NATURAL AND ORGANIC NAKED SKINCARE Brand created by Sarah Bisset Holistic Therapist 


Works so well you won’t need make up ., 


Sarah founder of Love Absolute Skincare


100% Vegan 

Award Winning Brand.

We received two Editors Choice awards at the Beauty Shortlist 2019 for Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser and Facial Radiance Oil.

Featured in

Uk Vogue & Glamour Magazine Spring Summer & Autumn Winter.
We make our products in small batches freshly made to order in Islington. 
Bridging the gap in natural skincare between simplistic oils and balms, to multifunctional and effective formulations that give flawless results.  

Natural Science and Alchemy you can trust. 

Creating  natural high performing formulas from exceptionally high quality ingredients. Choosing biodiverse speciality wild flower oils grown in the UK as well as sustainable and more exotic organic plus certified organic ingredients.

Pest Resistant Bee Friendly Speciality Oil Seeds.

Speciality oils are naturally pest resistant and grown to high standards with farmers nearby who cultivate high quality crops and are used to growing to food standards. The development of novel oil seed crops allows for more soil diversity.
This also means lower carbon emissions and less travel, time so our oils are ultra fresh ..
Buying from the producers of our oils, and staying in touch with them, and they take great pride in their work. 
Gmo free. 

Bee and Insect Friendly

Unique ingredients from the uk are bee friendly and have been developed for skincare with a view to increasing Uk crop diversity and prolonging the season for insects bees and other pollinators. Due to their careful development, these high gla cold pressed and in some cases clay filtered oil seeds, have guaranteed levels of essential fatty acids.

Clinically Tested Ingredients That Deliver Real Results. 

English oils have been shown in reputable clinical tests to: improve the delicate facial skins appearance, reduce fine lines, improve hydration and reduce transdermal water loss. 
If you want to know more about the clinical research behind our individual ingredients message us ..

Active Fatty Acids Combinations

The clinically proven qualities of skin repair, reduction in fine lines, reducing transdermal water loss, reducing inflammation and repairing skin from the effects of pollution and weather are due to the unique characteristics of our oils and their unusually active and available fatty acids.
Eg Our award winning Facial Radiance Oil Serum blend has two oils clinically proven to plump and smooth with reduction in fine lines -Starflower and Corn Cromwell plus oils that improve hydration and repair the skin with unusually high levels of antioxidants Blackcurrant White Poppy Seed Camelina. 

Non Comedegenic

Our formulas are very gentle and effective products that offer amazing results, but we have spent extra time problem solving, so that our products will not block pores or cause break outs in the manner of many natural products.
Most of our oils are zero comedogenic rating and High Linoleic which are suitable for skin issues and blemishes and non irritating and our Corn Cromwell oil is dermatology tested and suitable for sensitive skin

Scaffolding Useful Constituents

We also scaffold natural constituents to offer a wide array of beneficial properties from our botanicals for magical results. 


We feature ‘antioxidants from red and purple berry oils’, along with tocopherols, amino acids and lots of vitamins, plus naturally occurring actives.
We aim for ingredients and formulas that would adhere to the standards of eco cert and cosmos, eg ingredients that would normally be approved for use in natural or organic products,  and that would conform to organic cosmetic standards. 

Organic Essential Oils and Flower Extracts & Resins

Organic essential oils and flower absolutes are carefully extracted el via more gentle methods and when we use these, our blends are carefully formulated to be below the levels likely to cause any allergies or irritation according to EU regulations. We also use ethically harvested and sustainable wood and trees resins that have been used medicinally and revered for 1000's of years. 


To create holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health.


Our products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, but check individual ingredients for specific allergies. The Radiance collection supports dryer skin and Heal and Calm supports sensitive to oily skin types.


Bio of founder Sarah B Ma Soph CMA

I grew up in the country in Gloucestershire in a village called Chalford Hill near Stroud with an Elderberry tree in the garden, Honeysuckle next door and Blackcurrants and Dog Rose growing wild along the hedgerows. 
As a holistic therapist often doing natural facials, facial acupressure and beauty facials, I started to make my own products and whilst sourcing ingredients I looked close to home in my research.
I’ve developed these products for my holistic practise, and I’ve had loads of experience in supporting people’s switch to natural skincare across numerous skin types. 
Amongst my family (5 sons) and my sister, some have very sensitive
allergic type skin, and this had guided my choices a lot.

Home trials 

Many natural ingredients were tried, and some had to be discarded along the way, and only the natural ingredients that really worked some magic for us, and also worked for our family, friends and clients consistently were chosen.

Gentle enough for everyone, and luxurious enough to make you feel extra special and ultra pampered.

Time out

It’s often only a few minutes we get to home spa, and to engage in some relaxation, so what you use, should delight the senses and restore balance to your skin and mind, whilst re charging batteries and restoring peace to the soul.


I believe in multifunctional solutions, using small amount of something beautiful that works, rather than throwing tons of products and plastic into the bin or down the sink therefore minimising and keeping things simple: You may only need 3 or 4 products that are a joy to use and that cover all bases.