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I’m Sarah B Ma Soph CMA ( Above)


I’m a holistic therapist often doing natural facials, facial accupressure and beauty facials.


I started to make my own products for my practise, and have had loads of experience in supporting people’s switch to natural skincare across numerous skin types. 


Our family (5 sons) and my sister all have very sensitive allergic type skin. We have never been able to use over the counter skincare or soap.


This skin means I can literally feel what everything does instantly.


Many natural ingredients were tried and discarded along the way, and I’ve used what works for us. 


Our products are all hand made consciously with sustainable ingredients. 


We worked to source the most kind, effective and carefully produced Ingredients from England, Europe and then around the world. 


I make the products I’d like to have & use, as well as the products my clients want to use, but only ones gentle enough for everyone, and luxurious enough to make us feel extra special and ultra pampered.


It’s often only a few minutes we get to home spa, and to engage in some self love, so what you use should delight the senses and restore balance to your skin and mind, whilst re charging batteries and restoring peace to the soul. 


I believe in multifunctional solutions and using small amount of something beautiful that works, rather than throwing tons of products and plastic into the bin and down the sink and minimising what you use to 3 or 4 things that are a joy to use, concentrated, and that cover all bases.



How it’s made ... 


INGREDIENTS Carefully selected high quality organic ingredients and pure English grown bio -diverse wild fruit and flower oils, bio active earth clay's and 100 % natural botanicals. 


Always formulated to industry standards, and using research and clinical evidence to guide our choice of natural ingredients. 


We love to create super-natural but also super-effective products, that really do nourish & revitalise, bringing a sense of self love.


Our use of simple light &  healthy ingredients in a new ways, bridges the gap between natural and results driven products, delivering cleaner and greener products that are gentle and really work, giving great results. 



Our range contains a complex wealth of naturally occurring skin loving constituents that are scientifically established to support skin health, as well as improving skin appearance and smoothing fine lines, for a fresh looking radiance and glow that is guilt free. 


Our products feature a lot of antioxidants from red and purple berry oils, along with tocopherols, amino acids and lots of vitamins, plus naturally occurring actives


We formulate without fillers and sticky actives, using only nutrients from our organic botanicals and speciality oils. 


We also are non comedegenic ingredients across the board.


We also include the “essence” and natural smell of the botanicals and flowers with organic essential oils and natural flower absolutes.


Our Mission 


To create holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health.


To create natural products as effective as your big brand favourites, that you can wear with confidence, supporting a switch to natural skincare.


To support skin health across a number of unbalanced skin conditions.


To give you a relaxing calming experience when you use our products.  




We use miron biophotonic glass for our packaging to ensure the high GLA oils are as bioactive as possible . Miron glass can be re used by you to keep herbs and spices fresh, it can be recycled  or returned for a 10% discount on your next order . 




Our products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, but check individual ingredients for specific allergies. 


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