Fatty Acids & Green Technology at Love Absolute Skincare

Fatty Acids and Green Tech Creams

The oils and formulations we use, are carefully chosen, for their high levels of active absorbable fatty acids.

 Our clinically researched oils contain more consistant levels of Ala’s Alpha Linoleic Acid (reduces redness and inflammation), Linoleic Acid (regenerates tissue and stimulates blood circulation), Gla’s Gamma Linoleic Acid (improves dry skin, excema) and SDL’s Stearodonic Acid (reduces redness and irritation.)

 These active fatty acids give the skin a massive boost, and keep skin clear, healthy and well nourished. 

 Because our skincare is comprised of high quality fatty acids, accidental ingestion will only contribute positively to health. ( Please don’t eat )    

Our emulsions ( creams ) use green technology and are biodegradable and cleansers & masks (preservative free balms) use cold process technology of alkyl polyglucosides (APGs) which are green and derived from sustainable sources of sugars and vegetable fatty alcohols as well as being biodegradable.