Frankincense Illuminati Cream Science and Alchemy


Fruit seed oils naturally contain lipid soluble antioxidants, tocopherols, amino acids and organic oils deliver organic micronutrients, organic pigments, amino acids, carotenoids, viburnic acid and are also vitamin rich.

Features skin plumping and smoothing plus a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, for a fresh and healthy appearance with our plant derived mixed density vegan hyaluronic acid. 

Natural plant derived preservatives and a green biodegradable emulsifier that improves transdermal water loss and skin appearance. 


Uk grown cold pressed white Poppy Seed Oil

Pure organic thistle (Safflower) seed oil. 

Organic cold pressed Rose Hip seed oil 

U.K. grown pure cold pressed Blackcurrant seed oil 

Pure cold pressed Raspberry 

Pure cold pressed Elderberry seed oil

Organic cold pressed Sunflower seed oil

Vegan hyaluronic acid

Aloe vera.  

Suits most skin types: Calming and Restorative 

Our essential oils are organic and the natural  flower absolutes are from a leaping bunny cert supplier.