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Good Manufacturing Policy at Love Absolute

OUR GMP POLICY 7 Belmore Lane N7 0HT

Manufacturing Practices Love Absolute Skincare


Our GMP Love Absolute can confirm that products manufactured at their premises (address above) are produced in accordance with the guidelines outlined in Good Manufacturing Practices - ISO 22716.

Premises and equipment

The premises are maintained in good repair with adequate lighting and ventilation and suitable for cosmetic production

Tools and equipment are suitable for the task and are cleaned, maintained properly and checked for defects before use.

Cleaning and pest control procedures:

There are documented cleaning procedures in place and regular checks for pests are carried out with corrective action taken if required.

Personnel All those involved in the making of cosmetic products are aware of their obligation to comply with a recognised standard of GMP such as ISO 22716 and are properly trained.

All personnel are aware of the need to observe a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness and appropriate clothing and equipment is available and used.

Production Processes and Procedures There are written procedures detailing the production process including any testing that needs to be carried out on products.

Ingredients are checked in and inspected for quality on arrival:

The following checklist is used when production is taking place:

Protective clothing is worn, and hair covered ✓

Hands are washed using liquid soap ✓

Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned ✓

All required ingredients and equipment are gathered ✓

 Ingredients and equipment are checked for quality ✓

 Ingredients are weighed and measured accurately ✓

The recipe is followed correctly, and each stage checked ✓

 The finished product is checked for quality and signed off ✓

All relevant documentation is completed and stored ✓

 The production area is cleaned ✓

Samples of each batch of product are retained and stored correctly ✓

Documents and Records There is a system in place to record all batches of products produced to enable batch traceability and LOVE ABSOLUTE uses an efficient stock control system

All relevant documents are completed and kept for the specified period – currently 10 years.