Our  balms goes onto damp skin as a silky oil and turns into a cleanser, smoothly emulsifying dirt from the pores without the use of soap or detergents. 

Dampen skin and take a small amount of cleanser onto fingers and rub lightly over face,

Continue to hydrate if too much balm is used, just add water and rub over face and rinse to wash.

To mask, add a teaspoon of balm to one to two teaspoons of water and use as a mask.

To restore dry skin, use a thin layer on damp skin, leave for ten minutes, add water and massage into skin.

Balancing skin with oils clinically evidenced to improve many skin conditions. 

Our balm becomes a lotion on application to damp skin and when mixed with water in the hand or on skin. 

Keep remaining contents dry. Preservative free 

Butterfly Pea Balm can be mixed with lemon and will change colour to purple for a vitamin C treat . Rinse with warm water .