Love Absolute Green Biodegradable Gentle Emulsifiers

 Our green emulsifier supplier is committed to sustainable palm oil ...



This may look technical but it’s a very green emulsifier that is of 100% vegetable origin (non GMO). Our creams are made with natural essential fatty acids the emulsifiers use the same technology to benefit skin and create a non pore blocking cream with natural credentials.

Made from natural, but processed glucose fatty alcohols palm and coconut oils, with particularly good skin compatibility.

Green synthesis (solvent-free, ethylene oxide-free) 

This emulsifier is also biodegradable and easily absorbed, and helps transport other ingredients into the skin.

Aproved by ECOCERT, COSMOS and Natrue

Our formulas are very kind to sensitive skin, and have been favoured by our testers with sensitive skin, who want to use more natural products.

Extremely gentle and used in baby products with no contraindications.