Love Absolute More about Clays

Clays : Montillerite, Bentonite, Illite & Kaolin 

Clays have a crystalline structure that is many ways more stable then DNA, and clay was present across the earth likely before anything else. Research hints that the idea that life may have been formed out of clay is not as ridiculous as it seems.

"Clays not only have the ability to grow and absorb other molecules, but they can then incorporate the information from those molecules and use it to alter and change themselves." Quote from

Clay also carry minerals that can literally pull dirt molecules to themselves by attracting the dirts opposite positive or negatively charged iron to itself.

The antibacterial mecanism in some clays currently being researched can kill bacteria more efficiently than ant-biotics.

All clay is technically organic but it's good to use clay harvested from as pure a source as possible.

Much cosmetic clay has been washed and dried as well as analysed to ensure safety.

We use clays that ave been deemed safe, from as bioactive sources as possible.