Naked Rose Nutrition Cream Science & Alchemy


Our English biodiverse fruit oil blends are unique, and contain naturally occurring essential fatty acids, gamma linoleic acid, micronutrients, lipid soluble antioxidants, tocopherols and amino acids.

Organic flower oils deliver organic micronutrients, organic pigments, amino acids, carotenoids, viburnic acid and are extremely vitamin rich.

With a perfect balance of omega fatty acids 3:6:9 plus natural antioxidants and line smoothing plant protein based vegan hyaluronic acid, in a range of densities. 



Key Ingredients

*Rose Hip seed oil

English Poppy Seed Oil

*Safflower seed oil. 

English  Blackcurrant seed oil

Cold pressed Raspberry seed oil

English  Elderberry seed oil

Vegan hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.  

*Geranium essential oil.

Rose Centrifolia