Soul Full Spice Mask and Balm Science and Alchemy


Soulful Spice is an oily non pore congesting formula which cleanses effectively with exfoliation from natural Lemon Tree Bark Thanaka, el via a unique recipe of English wild flower oils and organic oils in an oily gel which emulsifies on contact with water. 

Wild Tumeric is renowned for helping with healing of acne , psoriasis and many skin conditions and blemishes and is anti inflammatory yet very gentle with a long history of use for facial skin. 

Organic Thanaka is  a Thai herb with the beautifying actives Coumarin and Marmesan which have Tyanese inhibition activity which can even out skin tone, preventing sun spots with antibacterial ant blemish activity plus slightly exfoliating.

Our formula is relatively non staining due to the emulsification with oils, but be careful with fabrics. 

Saffron has been shown in research to be a mood positive herb with a history of medicinal use and study and can help regulate hormones just by smelling it. 

Sandlewood is an astringent herb renowned for clearing blemishes .