Tahitian Monoi Flower Balm Science and Alchemy Of Ingredients


The Myrica plant has been used traditionally by American Indians as a Medicine, and is undergoing research for treatment of arthritis, as well as for protecting users from hay fever.

A powerhouse moisturiser with antioxidants and constituents from purple fruits.

This blend has an amazing texture and feels great on the skin.

Elderberries have more anthocyanins than other blue fruits and double the overall antioxidant capability.

This oil contains key fatty acids which support healthy skin; as well as containing high levels of natural lipid soluble antioxidants.


Key ingredients

** cold pressed Blackcurrant seed oil

**Pure cold pressed Raspberry

**Pure cold pressed Elderberry seed oil.

Our facial quality cold pressed English high GLA **Starflower Oil has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as to improve transdermal water loss. It also increases skin firmness and elasticity. 


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