Jasmine Blooming Dew Facial Serum

Jasmine Blooming Dew Facial Serum

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The ultimate in luxurious soft dewiness with sweet organic Jasmine Blooming Dew.

100% Vegan

Naturally extracted organic Jasmine grandiflorium is wonderful for refining skin tone, and oiling facial skin for a ‘dewy style’ fresh complexion. Perfect to restore positive mood with an uplifting warm but subtle sweet spicy scent which is gentle and kind to the senses and to skin. 

This serum restores skin with high levels of Gamma Linoleic avid and Stearodonic Acid from our new English Oil Corn Cromwell (Avensis) which has the highest levels of natural active fatty acids found in any plant oil.

Mystical Science & Alchemy 

Blended with Camellina Golden Flax this is  a luxurious amber nectar packed with phytonutrients.

Cold pressed English grown biodiverse flower seed oils contain a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to be effective in restoring most skin back to health.

Jasmine Blooming Dew

Jasmine Blooming Dew Ritual

Use sparingly under eyes, under moisturiser, any where that needs intensive treatment , great as an over night treatment, under moisturiser.

Avoid getting directly into eyes. 


From Uk Farmers including  flower crops that are bee friendly. 

Super green credentials and excellent sustainability the wild flower oils are all grown in the UK

Sold in a Miron glass bottle