Frankincense Illuminati Cream
Frankincense Illuminati Cream

Frankincense Illuminati Cream

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Illuminati cream keeps skin bright and clear, whilst delivering superb nutrition.
Infused with rejuvenating organic Frankincense essential oil. 

To help to reduce blemishes and scars and improves the appearance of large pores. 

Nature science and alchemy provides this intensive line smoothing nourishment cream, based on a  rich blend of fatty acids and vitamins from pure cold pressed speciality English Fruit & Flower seed oils.

100% Vegan.

Ultra rich in botanical extracts, our cream nourishes and protects skin, and can continue to hydrate throughout the day.

Gives a rich silky smooth feel , whilst protecting from weather and airborne particles, yet non pore blocking and gentle enough for all skin types 

High levels of active fatty acids ( sda’s ) from cold pressed English grown oils Blackcurrant Elderberry and Poppy Seed Oil are balanced to provide the perfect 3:6:9 ratio with  a range of micro nutrients to support skin health.


Aqua (Water) (*Safflower) Seed Oil Carthamus Tiinctorius (**Poppy) Seed OIl Oleum Papaveris Seminis (*Rose) hip Seed OIl Rosa Rubiginosa (**Blackcurrant) Seed Oil Ribes Nigrum (Red Raspberry) Seed Oil Rubus idaeus (**Elderberry) Sambucurus N (*Sunflower) seed oil Helianthus annuus,C14-22 Alkyl Alcohol, (Aloe vera) extract Aloe Barbadensis Cetearyl Alcohol Glycerol Stearate Vegetable Glycerin Tocepherol C12-20 (Alkyl Glycoside) Dodecanoic Acid Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Benzyl Alcohol Salicylic Acid Glycerin Sorbic Acid *Frankincense Botswellia Carteri Oil Potential allergens naturally occurring Linalool limolene  *Organic ** English Grown

Frankincense Facial Cream From Love Absolute

Frankincense Rituals from Love Absolute  
A Medium musk sweet natural scent. 
Organic essential oils are steam distilled from plants grown without pesticides.

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