Love Absolute Wild Berry Body Balm with Frangipani flower extract, calming inspiring and soothing
Love Absolute Frangipani flower extract body balm


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Rich skin conditioning balm for face & body  made from English fruit and flower oils and organic butters, Infused with the petals of Plumeria Acutifolia Flower Extract 'Frangipani Flower' with it’s sweet warm scent from pure essential oils that induces a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Full of nutrients that skin needs to replenish itself.

The formula is non pore clogging and highly nutritious for skin.

A supernatural ( 100% natural) way to hydrate skin without preservatives or chemicals. Fast absorbing fruit oils soothe patches of dry skin without leaving greasiness. 

Our healing balm is silky and luxurious and safe to use over the entire body surface, and gentle enough for facial skin.

Taking the time to massage a natural balm into the body, is a wonderful self care ritual.

It is especially important area to use natural products on this large area, as there is  a great capacity to absorb ingredients over the more extensive surface. 

Full of fatty acids and vitamins from 100 % natural ingredients our balm, is not only good for skin, but good for health.

Made from a sustainable source of Fruit Wax from the bay tree, the wax is recovered from berries, soaked in hot water, then sun dried.

Fruit wax along with the other oils, are emollient, skin conditioning, as well as protective- as the wax forms a light protective film on the skin.





UK Grown blackcurrant seed oil

Pure cold pressed raspberry seed oil 

Pure cold pressed Elderberry seed oil

UK grown starflower oil

Organic shea butter

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

Sustainable Natural Fruit wax                      



A luxurious multi functional butter that treats your skin to the oils and fatty acids  it needs to stay healthy.

Can be used as a massage balm, Dry skin treatment,  Body Butter Skin Winter treatment  Beard wax.


Sold in fully recyclable Miron violet glass jars, which blocks certain uv lights and lets other though, to preserve our organic and English cold pressed oils, a bottle that can be re used as a spice jar to preserve freshness of herbs etc.