Salvation Angel Clay
Salvation Angel Clay

Salvation Angel Clay

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 Achemical Blue Green Clays and Sea Greens in a bio active mask that deep cleans and restores skin ph balance with colloidal exfoliation.

We choose and research clays really carefully bringing you the finest and most effective ones, sourced from areas known for local medicinal use. 

Vitamin  rich, with over 60 rare Earth minerals and irons including silver.

Our organic seaweed, blue green algae and mineral clay blend will clean away dead cells, exfoliate your skin, and help clear up many problems ultra fast. 

Sea collagen and Sea Silt are toning and refreshing and smoothing for skin. Sea  clay  has a reputation for toning and firming (nature’s  botox.)

    Fine Blue Clay, gently clears dirt deep from the pores, and used regularly will reduce pore size. 

    Green Clay & Sea Clay's have active healing properties, and can reduce redness and help clear up over sebum production and irritated skin. 

    Mixed to suit all skin types, our mask works to reduce inflammation as well as to oxygenate skin, giving a post mask glow, with a feeling of freshness and thorough cleansing from the toll of daily pollution.

    Balances sebum production and restores healthy PH to skin. 

    This mask is like pressing the re set button for skin when skin is out of balance.

    This green coloured easy swelling dry powder,  is bio active once mixed water, as and when needed to deeply freshen and restore the sebum balance of skin. 

    You can also mix with live natural yogurt, or  cold green tea. 

    All ingredients that can be field grown are Organic and this is Raw and Preservative Free & Chemical Free. 

    A fresh sea scent from essential oils





    ♻️ This products is in an attractive and reusable miron glass jar that protects jar contents from uv and oxidation. This is an ideal place to keep your herbs and oils etc after your product is finished. Run through the dishwasher after rinsing. 

    Aside from this it can be recycled.