Salvation Angel Clay
Salvation Angel Clay

Salvation Angel Clay

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Healing earthy love and exfoliation mask with oxygenating blue clays. 

An amazing blend of Naturally Achemical Blue Green and Aquamarine Clays and Sea Greens with Dead Sea Salt. Vitamin  rich, with over 60 rare Earth minerals and irons including silver.

Organic seaweed, blue green algae and mineral clay blend will clean away dead cells, exfoliate your skin, and help clear up problem skin and blemishes ultra fast. 

 Love Absolute Salvation Angel Clay Sunset

Salvation Angel Clay is the ultimate pure and fine tuned elixir of rare and powerful earth and sea clays that are ph balanced and blended with raw organic sea greens, in a deeply cleansing and soothing green powder.

Once activated with water, this beautiful blend, gets to work as a deep pore cleanser and special healing treatment for skin that has fallen out of balance.

Particular useful for treating chocolate spots or acne blemishes, plus the effects of pollution, this beautiful blend can loosen dead skin cells and is the penultimate treatment to soothe away yesterday’s troubles and excess, or just to regulate tricky skin.

All ingredients that can be field grown are Organic, and this is a Raw, Preservative Free and Chemical Free with nothing harsh,  just natural earth magic.

Science and Alchemy  

Salvation Angel Clay Rituals

Discard mixed up mask after use. 

A fresh sea scent from essential oils


Re-use  & upcycle 

This products is in an sturdy attractive and reusable miron glass bottle that protects jar contents from uv and oxidation.

This is an ideal place to keep your herbs and oils etc after your product is finished as it will keep everything fresher than normal glass. 

Run through the dishwasher after rinsing. 

Or  ♻️  Recycle ..