Ocean Cult Clay Mask and Balm
Ocean Cult Clay Mask and Balm

Ocean Cult Clay Mask and Balm

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A  luxurious Cleansing Balm and Mask with English biodiverse Wild Flower Oils in a pure and gentle non pore blocking formula that is 100 natural with English & Organic ( Field grown) ingredients.

Preservative free formula. 100% Vegan 

Formulated from Maris Limus Sea Clay which is a pristine and healing colloidal clay, which can exfoliate dirt and pollution from deep in the the pores. Studies  also show the Clay has an ability  to balance and reduce sebum production after use. 

Rich in ocean superfoods this nourishing balm massages into damp skin, allowing the gel to emulsify dirt from the pores, without drying skin.

Infused with hydrating nutrients and collagen like biomoleculescarrageenan, from vitamin rich blue green algae along with essential oils and seaweed. 

Leaves skin feeling clean, hydrated, soothed and silky soft and helps skin to retain lipid and moisture levels, with micro nutrients and essential fatty acids. 

Mixed to suit all skin types, our mask works to reduce inflammation, as well as to oxygenate skin, giving a post mask glow, with a feeling of freshness and thorough cleansing from the toll of daily pollution.

Balances sebum production and restores healthy PH to skin.

A deep green gel which turns to a milk lotion on damp skin , with a fresh sea scent from essential oils.

Literally like pressing the re set button for skin- when skin is out of balance.










This product is in a recyclable and reusable miron glass jar .