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Ideal for moisturising mature or dry facial skin, or any skin with areas of sun damage, just as this oil is used by the sunny Tahitians

Restore & repair your skin with a literal bath of botanical alchemy, and leave it soak in, with this blend of organic and cold pressed oils infused with the petals  of  Gardenia Tahitensis Flowers sourced from the U.K. & Tahiti which are stimulating to the senses and inspire feelings of peace and wellbeing.

A gentle moisturising and exotic wild fruit and flower balm which smells sophisticated yet sweet spicy and luxurious. 

This balm nourishes and protects facial skin with anti inflammatory, anti viral Organic Virgin Coconut in a cocktail with our Love Absolute signature blend of cold pressed fruit oils.

The blend is set with melting and sustainable wild harvested Vegan Fruit Wax which is ant-inflammatory and healing in its own right. 


Absolutely packed full of naturally occurring vitamins along with high levels of gamma linoleic acid plus essential fatty acids to hydrate, repair and protect all skin.

Rich in natural lipid soluble antioxidants which leave skin feeling silky smooth.

Non greasy and fast absorbing, our oils feel identical to the skins sebum.


Cold pressed U.K. grown Bee friendly starflower seed oils 

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Shea Butter.

U.K. grown cold pressed pure Blackcurrant seed oil

Pure cold pressed  Raspberry seed oil

Cold pressed Elderberry seed oil



Take a a half teaspoon of the balm and rub between hands to soften, and then rub into facial skin in small circles, massaging in an upward direction.

Focus on any dry patches or sun damage, and rub remainder across brows or ends of hair. 

Perfect for a gentle cleansing mask which dissolves dirt from pores, and removes make up pigments.

Give yourself a long facial massage, working in the Balm ensures intense skin restoration. 

Preservative Free Chemical Free 100 % natural suitable for all skin types. 


Does not contain bees wax vegan . 



 Sold in Miron violet glass bottles, which blocks certain uv lights and lets other though, to preserve organic and cold pressed oils, a bottle that should be re used re turned or recycled.