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Imagine yourself in an English meadow

Blackberries growing in the hedgerows, Elderberry’s growing in the trees.

Fields of flowers; White Poppy, Starflower, Camelina ( Golden Flax), Corn Cromwell, Blue Chamomile and Lavender. 

In a range of gentle facial and body products that is 100% ethical and vegan.

Plus Bee, Insect and pollinator friendly, using oils grown here in the U.K.

The English fruit and flower oils we love offer greater diversity for soil, and are chosen for their fabulous and clinically established skin loving qualities. 

Absolute Love for skin means formulations using exactly the right oils, micronutrients and fatty acids, to nourish the skin microbiome. 

Skipping all the air miles makes our brand more sustainable

Our award winning products, are especially kind and gentle for sensitive and tricky skin.  

Currently we are focusing on creating entirely plastic free products, along with editions in sugar beet biopolymer, and reusable Miron glass



I absolutely adore both my cleanser and my face cream. The cleanser completely removed my makeup while feeling like a luxurious treatment at the same time. The Rose cream sinks right in and is a perfect make up base as well as hydrating, but not greasy and that smell!

Dorothy Barrick

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Been using it for almost a week now my skin feels great!

Brand Connoisseurs

I bought some and it is really really good. Great texture. Pretty smell. Good moisturiser. Left me feeling relaxed. 


Wow! What an amazing moisturiser the Love Absolute Rose Geranium Facial cream is! l have been using it with the Love Absolute wild flower seed facial oil and my skin positively glows with health and vitality !! Obviously, what goes into these products is an amazing mix of ingredients, that produce spectacular results that l have not seen from any moisturiser , facial oil before.

Francine Galea

This lovely skin cream is ideal for me as I have very dry sensitive skin, I am often allergic to creams, so I find it very hard to find a good cream, for months I had a dry skin rash but this has healed the rash, it also works great under foundation for a smooth clear base. ( product was fruit & flower cream) 


Loving the oil treatment, I have combination skin so this is ideal for dry patches, smells divine.

Miss Ward

I love this face mask I use it twice a week for deep cleansing to control break outs it’s also not drying as some masks can be, perfect!! product : Blue and Green Clay  and Sea Greens Masque.


The cream is fantastic! I really like it. It feels great and the bottle gives just the right amount. Never used poppyseed cosmetics before and I like it. Xxx


‘I’ve never had a product quite like this Cleansing Bar by @loveabsoluteskincare before! Not only does it come in this adorable little tin, but it looks great, smells great and works wonders at cleansing my skin. I’m sold .. ‘‘


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