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Beauty From Botanicals

Plant Based & Pollinator Friendly Skin Care

Why Love Absolute?

We know that plants and pollinators matter to the future of our planet.

That is why we create all of our skin care products from flowers, seeds and oils that help the bees, bats and insects not only survive, but thrive. Our totally unique range of products are packed full of micronutrients and fatty acids, that nourish and revitalise skin.

I absolutely adore both my cleanser and my face cream. Hydrating, spa-like and smells delicious.

Dorothy ★★★★★

Loving the oil treatment. I have combination skin so this is ideal for dry patches, smells divine.

Ms Ward ★★★★★

What an amazing moisturizer the Rose Cream is - Truly divine & my skin feels ten years younger.

Nikki ★★★★★

Cruelty Free

Natural & Organic

Pollinator Friendly

Plant Based

Facial Balms

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise

Our facial balms not only cleanse and exfoliate but come packed with vitamins and minerals to revive the skin.

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