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Been using it for almost a week now my skin feels great!

Brand Connoisseurs

This lovely skin cream is ideal for me as I have very dry sensitive skin, I am often allergic to creams, so I find it very hard to find a good cream, for months I had a dry skin rash but this has healed the rash, it also works great under foundation for a smooth clear base. ( product was fruit & flower cream) 


Loving the oil treatment, I have combination skin so this is ideal for dry patches, smells divine.

Miss Ward

I bought some and it is really really good. Great texture. Pretty smell. Good moisturiser. Left me feeling relaxed. 


I love this face mask I use it twice a week for deep cleansing to control break outs it’s also not drying as some masks can be, perfect!! product : Blue and Green Clay  and Sea Greens Masque.


The cream is fantastic! I really like it. It feels great and the bottle gives just the right amount. Never used poppyseed cosmetics before and I like it. Xxx


Bare Vegan Skincare from the UK with Bee 🐝 Friendly Flower Seed Oils and Fruit Seed Oils that are clinically proven to love your skin.

Science & Alchemy