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Hand Spray

100% Plant Based, Vegan & Cruelty Free

70% certified organic alcohol and aromatherapy.

Plant Based Hand Spray

An easy to use non-drying spray solution to keep hands fresh and safe whilst travelling or at work. Love Absolute’s handbag essential.

Essential Purifying Spray dries fast and leaves hands with the subtle aroma of Blue Tansy Tea Tree and Lemongrass essential oils.

Questions we get frequently asked

What hand sanitizers are cruelty free?

Love Absolute essential purifying spray is cruelty free and uses certified organic alcohol that ensures traceability in the supply chain. Safety is assured through knowledge and data, rather than testing unethically.

Is plant-based hand sanitizer good?

Certified Alcohol Denat. Is extracted from Sugar Beets and evidence shows that 60 to 85 % Alcohol solutions are the best method of sanitisation to ensure protection from viruses and bacteria.

What is plant-based hand sanitizer?

Sourced from botanicals rather than using chemicals to sanitise. Chemical sanitiser molecules and particles can linger in the air and dust of homes, causing interference with health. They can even cause interference with the effectiveness of vaccinations.

Cruelty Free

Natural & Organic

Pollinator Friendly

Plant Based