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Sustainable packaging has to be the future

The time is now to switch to products that have sustainable packaging. The beauty industry uses 18 million acres of forest annually and 120 billion tons of packaging produced overall, is used in the cosmetic industry.  Recycling is also vital but currently only 9% of packaging is reused. Change has never been more important.


We have switched our jars over to plastic free ones, so nearly all of our products will be housed in glass and aluminium jars that are reusable and fully recyclable.

Separate them into the glass and aluminium recycling. 


Our labels are being phased over to biodegradable ones which will take 9-14 months to biodegrade, and are ‘Tree Free.’ These are made of recycled waste products from industry.

They should be peeled off and  disposed of as plastic waste recycling and it turns into a material similar to egg shells.

Oil Bottles

These are made of glass and a small amount of plastic and silicone.

Separate into glass and plastic recycling. Plastic free refills are also available, just switch over the pump lid  to the refill bottle.


Our hand sanitiser is housed in biopolymer plastic made from sugar cane and recycled materials. This is a very low carbon form of production, using less energy to create, than other forms of packaging. This goes into plastic recycling.

Wrappers and postal packaging

We have designed our product boxes to be postal safe, so individual products do not need extra packaging when posted, (minimisation). When posting gift sets and multiple products, we use the most suitable box size, made from recycled cardboard, without plastic or cellophane. We tie this with a string, or paper tape.