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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

Choose Brands that stand up for animals.

We are also natural and plant based eg: fully vegan and cruelty free. We even look out for insects and pollinators and the environment.

Love Absolute Skincare is very much a cruelty free brand.

We ensure our ingredients are Cosmos approved, and certified organic as well as using many bee insect and pollinator friendly oils grown in the U.K.

We do not test on animals here or in any other country, and develop using research from existing databases of natural ingredients. We only source from certified organic and leaping bunny certified essential oils and absolutes. Lastly we use cosmos certified actives developed in vitro.

Insect and pollinator friendly oils


Be kind is our motto, aim and goal. Find out more About us.



Your purse is your power

Vote with your money when choosing ethical brands, as well as choosing brands you can choose to buy from the countries whose products are all legally cruelty free!

The devil is in the detail

The testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals has long been banned in the Eu and in the UK, and as of March 2013, the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals has also been banned across the European Union – a huge step forward. But unfortunately, that’s not the whole picture.

'I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.'- Abraham Lincoln



In some countries – China, for example – it’s compulsory for any company that sells cosmetics to pay for the products to be tested on animals. This means that some companies that have been cruelty-free for years have turned their backs on their ethical policies and have started testing on animals in order to reach these lucrative developing markets.

The good news

However on the 8 th of March 2021 China has announced that it will be ending the requirement that all imported general cosmetics* undergo animal testing from May 1, 2021.

'Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.'- Anatole France

There will still be many things companies need to do and steps to take if companies wish to register and sell in China, but this is major progress.

Hong Kong also has its own rules and allows import of foreign cosmetics and beauty products that are exempt from testing rules.

Countries inspired by the EU leadership regarding becoming cruelty free, and have themselves became cruelty-free in the field of cosmetics are Israel, Turkey, India, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand and Guatemala. Countries in the process of phasing out animal testing of cosmetics are Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the US and Australia


As of July 2021, seven states (California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Nevada and Virginia) have also passed laws banning cosmetic animal testing.


The U.K. has also said it will stay cruelty free as it parted with EU regulation, but we do conduct animal testing for medicines and chemicals here. In 2015 a ban came into effect for household products. Thank goodness animals do not still have to suffer for the sake of our beauty cleaning products.

However there has been some backtracking recently with the U.K. government saying some ingredients might need to be tested, take action here to prevent this along with ‘cruelty free international’ to stop the U.K. considering outdated testing methods for chemicals to be used for beauty.

Sign cruelty free international petition

Let’s ensure this does not change.

Info about animal testing between countries

Say-no- to- animal-testing

What can I do?

Join and support organisations that advocate for animal rights.

The humane society

Buy products that are cruelty free.

Your money is your power.

According to the organisation PETA the following companies still pay for animal testing.


Image source peta website.

Sometimes withholding your money is the best way to prevent cruelty.

What else can I do?

Support innovators of kind and cruelty free product development and brands.


What’s the alternative to animal testing?

Animal testing is ineffective and no longer needed.

Modern science proved that animal testing is ineffective and cruel. It is not an accurate way of testing to see if products are safe for human use.

The problem is that new ingredients need to be tested, and companies are always looking for a competitive advantage. This is why they push for animal testing.

We need to create and insist on better options to ensure product safety.

Products can already be formulated from a long list of ingredients that have been established as safe, using research and directories and existing knowledge.

New ingredients can be tested in vitro.

Technology has created more humane options for testing, and as the buyers of these products, we need to insist these methods become the norm and the gold standard.

Remember, we will say it again, ‘sometimes withholding your money is the best way to prevent cruelty.’

Cruelty- free- skincare-love-absolute

Insect and pollinator friendly oils

Alternatives to animal testing

The most prevalent animal testing alternatives are;

  • Computer models.
  • Cell and tissue cultures.
  • HPS.
  • Human volunteers.

Education institutions can use human-patient simulators when possible.

There are also some instances where alternative organisms like fungi and protists can be used.

'One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthy of sharing this planet with them.' -Martin Luther King, Jr.

In vitro

In vitro directly translates to "in glass". Basically, it means that biological matter, such as cells and tissue, are used for experimentation outside of a living organism. In most cases, these experiments are conducted in a glass instrument, like a petri dish.

In vitro testing on lab grown cells does not pose any threat to living organisms.

Sources and more information

Cruelty Free

The humane society

Love- Absolute-bee-kind

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