Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser
Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser
Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser

Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser

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For gentle renewal and dewiness, this versatile rich facial cream can be used as a night time cold cream, as a moisturiser, and as a gentle wipe off or leave on cleanser. 100 % Vegan 

Featuring rich and lavish ingredients with pure English grown Blackcurrant seed oil with English Elderberry seed oil.

Purple fruits combine with raspberry seed oil and organic flower seed oils. 

Purple fruits are special as they contain contain anthocyanins and antioxidants.

These may have a role in repairing sun damage and restoring an even healthy appearance to skin. 

Our English Grown Black Blackcurrant has been shown to have an amazingly positive effect on skin appearance and hydration,  possible due to its unusually rich level of constituents and fatty acids.

Raspberry Seed Oil helps transport nutrition into the skin cells. 

The blend hydrates and repairs whilst protecting facial skin, and is infused with the natural aroma of Honeysuckle. 

A subtle reassuring and warm sweet scent, from absolute obtained from the extracts of the flower petals of Lonicera caprifolium and other Lonicera species.

Suitable for all skin types.


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♻️Sold in miron glass fully reusable as a spice jar or herb container. Re cycle -Re reuse or Re turn