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2019 LOVE ABSOLUTE Skincare Editors Choice Award from the Beauty Shortlist

Love Absolute Awards

We are so thrilled to get awards ‘ Editors Choice’ on two of our products at this year’s Beauty Shortlist .. 

Love Absolute Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser ..

Love Absolute Facial Radiance Oil. 

We really appreciate this, massive thumbs up, and love the ethos of these awards for helping independent brands get measured up along with the big guys ....

The Beauty Shortlist is an entirely independent awards with a focus on natural beauty with entries from 38 countries. 

The products are tested by a number of different judges over a period of six months. 

Cult Beauty say’s “ we love the integrity that shines through these awards.” 

This year’s judges include; cruelty free make up artist Justine Jenkins, and Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot, as well as eco lux beauty blogger Shahrzad of the spot beauty on the Australian panel. 

Link to 2019 winners at the Beauty Shortlist 

Cover photo ‘Girl in bath with flowers in bath’  inspiration by Hanna Postova @ unsplash 



Love Absolute Editors Choice Beauty for our Lavish Cold Cream Cleanser and Facial Radiance Oil

Editors Choice at 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards on our Lavish Cold Cream and Cleanser