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Body Scan

Body Scan Meditation

You are a literal mini galaxy of muscle, organs, glands, cells, atoms and space. In a symphony and constellation unique to you.

Laid out end to end and unravelled, your blood vessels alone would span 100,000 miles further than the North Pole.

Your breath is automatic and many body systems function, without any thoughts or direction from you.

Most of us are unaware of the miracle and cooperative nature of our body systems, operating beneath the consciousness.

It’s possible to stay up top in the ivory tower, completely cut off from the body, cut off from it’s sensations and the body’s intelligence. It’s possible to stay up top, shouting out telling your self off and setting off signals... in the endocrine system like mini alarms... fire, something bad will happen, I hate you, there’s no time, work harder, no!

The body then reacts with tension, adrenaline and a constantly activated sympathetic nervous system, and gets ready to run, fight or flight.

Stand back a little bit from panicky thoughts and consider becoming a kinder more positive coach to yourself.

In order to try to remember to speak to your body like a positive coach, think how you would support and talk to your friends.

Be encouraging and helpful eg: you can do this... I believe in you... not long now... what a great body... I trust you... let’s work together... I’ll always take care of you... thanks for running me around all day.

The body uses hormones to prepare for action; and more hormones to deescalates and calm down.

Reassuring yourself more, can help the body systems switch hormones on and off more smoothly, as your body starts trusting the situation is safe.


Sensations in the body and the energy centres over the glands (chakras) are often far better indicators and decision makers, in judging the wisdom of any action.

Sensations in the body are the psychic antennas of what you are comfortable or uncomfortable with. Check in with them... Get out of your head and into your body... Quick Body Scan...

Start by taking a deep breath all the way into your feet. Feel your feet supporting you, the ground holding you up. Continue to breathe and focus on each area starting at the feet working from the ground up.

Squeeze relax and breathe into your feet and bring attention to them. Squeeze and relax the calves... the thighs... the tummy...

Work your way up through every part of the body, paying attention to the sensations in this part once you relax. If you struggle to relax, clench muscles, release, then breathe in again checking in with every part of yourself.

If you reach any part that is uncomfortable, breathe into this part, and ask what your body wants and what your body needs. The answer may pop into your head then or later.

Continue to scan each part of the body right up to the head all the time focusing on the body and how it is feeling.

Remember to squeeze and relax the muscles of the face, nose and forehead. Then breathe into these areas and check how you are feeling. By doing a body scan, every time you need to calm or relax yourself you can ensure you are not holding tension and feelings inside.