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English Speciality and Biodiverse Oil Seed Crops

Why English grown Wild Fruit Flower Oils?

English grown wild fruit and flower oils are very sustainable, with good soil and crop diversity means a healthier countryside, and a verifiable supply chain, short travel time and greener product overall.

This results in more premium oils with an especially high inclusion of fatty acids from UK innovation.

Skincare made from English Wild Flower Oils

Soulful Spice Cleansing Balm with English Wild Flower Oils.

Skincare made fromEnglish Wild Flower Oils


Blackcurrant (Rubus Nigrum) has shown an improvement to skin barrier functioning through reduction TEWL by around 20%.

It also helps reduce skin redness, improve smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

Good for sensitive, mature and all dry skin types that need prolonged effective moisturising treatments.

English Elderberry

English elderberries have five times as many anthocyanins then blueberries and twice the antioxidant capacity of cranberries and has been used to treat burns.

Boasts a rich silky feel whilst being readily absorbed, non-greasy.

Studies demonstrate it increases skin smoothness and elasticity, provides natural emollience, reduces TEWL and is superior to other oil seeds because of its rich fatty acid content in an ideal ratio for skin care in conjunction with micronutrients.

Love Absolute Elderberry Seed Oil studies

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Love Absolute Elderberry Seed Oil studies

English White English Poppy Seed oil

Very effective in reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) making the skin feel smoother, softer and more supple it’s a versatile and effective natural emollient rich in Essential Fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. Cold pressed and optimized for cosmetic applications. ECOCERT Natural certified, proven non-irritating.

English Poppy Seed oil significantly improves skin hydration, firmness and elasticity.

English Camelina Oil (Golden Flax)

Camelina has a much lighter odour and taste compared to flax oil, making it an ideal alternative source of plant derived Omega 3’s .

English Camelina

Independent skin studies show Camelina Oil will reduce skin redness through topical application, and this makes it an ideal natural ingredient to reduce skin irritation.

English Starflower (Borage)

The beautiful star-shaped purple flower of this Oil Seed crop earns Borage it’s other name ‘Starflower oil’.

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids and in particular it is the richest commercial plant source of GLA, an Omega 6 Fatty Acid which is a key ‘building brick’ in production of the body’s regulatory hormones; it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of dry/damaged skin tissue and particularly good at reducing wrinkles around the eye.

English Borage is a Bee Friendly crop as it helps support a healthy bee population with a higher yield produced following pollination.

In a moisturising study, Borage oil significantly improved hydration over a 12-hour period study compared to an untested area.

Hydration was immediate, yet long lasting, meaning there is a longer term benefit after use.

English Starflower oil has enhanced skin moisturising properties compared to other natural oils.

English Corn Cromwell

Comes from the seeds of Bugloss ides Arvensis, a plant grown exclusively in the UK.

This is an oil with a totally unique lipid profile.

It has the most potent natural combined source of two ‘skin active’ Fatty Acids gamma linoleic acid and stearodonic acid of any plant oil, which provide amazing skin nutrition and protection in a more active and absorbable way.

Research show’s that Arvensis oil, improves skin hydration, increases and sustains firmness and elasticity, helps reduce skin inflammation and reduces wrinkles.


A novel crop that is grown in areas of Essex and Yorkshire. It is unique because of its high levels of SDA, an immediate Omega 3 precursor to EPA, the fatty acid more commonly found in fish oils and which regulates the body’s inflammatory response.

Echium oil has been shown to reduce skin redness and to have a positive effect on wrinkle reduction, it is especially suited for use after-sun and for dry skin as well as for replenishing older and drier skin types.

Abyssinian (Crambe Abyssinica)

A relatively new cosmetic ingredient that has a unique skin-feel, combining a light texture with enhanced slip properties, without feeling too greasy; this is attributed to its special lipid profile. Crambe oil has superior stability compared to other oils and this combined with its enhanced slip properties make it an ideal natural alternative to mineral oils and silicones.

Efficacy Data

Trials carried out by UK formulation experts have identified that English Crambe oil helps protect the skin surface from drying whilst improving barrier function. Application of the oil directly to the skin leaves it feeling softer and smoother whilst not drying out as quickly as some other oils.

All sourced from a Bee Friendly supplier which means the bees live in the fields with the crops, and promote a longer season for bees and other pollinators as late summer crops.

Sustainable soil diversity and crop diversity means a healthier countryside, and verifiable supply chain.