Exclusive Collaboration Love Absolute & Bio Signature

Bio Signature Exclusive Distributers Macau Hong Kong

We are very pleased to announce our exclusive collaboration with Sonia  from Bio Signature distributing our products in Hong Kong.

They now stock an amazing selection of our natural vegan, organic &  cruelty free products.

Bio Signature is our only trusted distributer in this region for our products, as we can only work with those who understand our products, and ensure they are brought to you in perfect condition. 

Love Absolute is a unique brand as we use complex and fragile polyunsaturated high linoleic fresh English grown oils, which can only be obtained in the UK, and are hand made in London to a high standard with certified organic ingredients and essential oils which cost more than the ingredients you may find in many other skincare formulas. 

Some of our ingredients are worth their weight in Gold, or cost more per gram , and these are chosen for their unique effects on the skin -which is why it is important to source your products from a verified supplier. 

Sonia at Bio Signature  and her team are innovators for this region, bringing natural and award winning products of the highest quality from Europe and the USA and we are proud to work with them exclusively and unfortunately do not work with any other suppliers .