LOVE ABSOLUTE SKINCARE reminiscent of a British Garden or hedgerow?

Love Absolute Skincare is a new range of products based on Fruit & Flower Oils .

These Fruit and Flower oils are rich in essential fatty acids, and will be familiar to those wildlife lovers and gardeners growing up in the uk.

English Poppy Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Elderberry Seed Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Rose hip and Raspberry Seed Oils.

Along with the more exotic safflower.

This blend of pure cold pressed oils combined to create a supernaturally rich mix of naturally occuring skin loving constituents, along with tocopherols, amino acids and lots of vitamins, plus naturally occurring actives.

Literal Science & Alchemy

Love Absolute Skincare is made in the UK and as we develop, some parts of the range will be 100 % pure natural oils from uk farmers featuring bee friendly crops.

Love Absolute Fruit & Flower Cream is 70% uk ingredients and made in the uk.

The fruit & flower creams help you too relax and create wellbeing, with scent from essential oils and absolutes:

Rose Geranium English Blue Chamomille Frankincense and Helycrysum essential oils.

English Honeysuckle, and the more exotic Gardenia Absolute.

These essential oils and absolutes have active constituents and concentrated plant extracts.

This includes the “essence” and natural smell of the botanicals and flowers.

The fruit & flower creams and our featured oils are luxurious, non pore blocking and highly absorbable.

This is affordable British Luxury that is pure and natural as well as sustainable, at its best, and guilt free as everything is coming from close to home.