Love Absolute Naked skincare with English fruit and flower seed oils


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Our wild fruit and  flower oil seed oil blends and creams are different and more effective for skin because they contain a complex wealth of naturally occuring skin loving constituents, along with tocopherols, amino acids and lots of vitamins, plus naturally occuring actives. These ingredients combine to make skin soft and beautiful without blocking pores delivering far better results than is normally seen with natural products. 


We include the “essence” and natural smell of the botanicals and flowers from essential oils and absolutes for subtle natural fragrance. 


Our creams moisterise protect and repair skin gently and are made fresh to order from a combination of English grown & natural, vegan and organic ingredients. 


Our Healing Clay Masques are made from sustainable and pristine bioactive Clays which nourish and restore minerals, whilst deeply cleansing pores, to balance and refresh skin. 



As a holistic health practitioners with experience working in facial aesthetics, massage, anatomy and physiology with an MA Soph. ( Masters in psychology and Healing) we designed the skincare holistically with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health.

We stick to a careful balance of fatty acids in our blends, and the oils are carefully chosen, for their high levels of GLA’s ( Gamma Linoleic Acid) and for purity. 

This gives the skin a massive boost, and our product constituents are unrivalled in terms of the nourishment, tocopherols, amino acids and vitamins they provide.


Our products are designed for even the most sensitive skin, but check individual ingredients for specific allergies . 

Our oils are high linoleic, and will suit those with troubled, oily as well as dry and mature skin.

We recommend blue green clay masks for oily skin, and moisturising balms for dry skin masking.

The China rose clay mask will also suit dry skin. 

For oily skin, less is more when using our creams and moisturisers, and you may find the facial oils particularly helpful as they absorbs without greasiness and have been shown to balances sebum production with facial clients. 

For dry mature skin, more is more,  ensure your skin is allowed to ‘drink’ heavily initially, and as hydration improves you will need less product. 

For more information on skin types and the science & alchemy behind the brand.