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Love Absolute Naked skincare with English fruit and flower seed oils


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We are a London based, small and independent, conscious gourmet skincare brand.


Using simple light healthy ingredients in a new way. 

We create wild fruit and flower oil seed oil blends and creams that are different and more effective for skin, because they contain a complex wealth of naturally occurring skin loving constituents.

Featuring antioxidants from red and purple berry oils, along with tocopherols, amino acids and lots of vitamins, plus naturally occurring actives.


INGREDIENTS -Carefully selected high quality organic ingredients, English grown bio -diverse raw wild fruit and flower oils, rare earth clay's and 100 % natural botanicals.


We  use scientific alchemy to  blend essential fatty acids in a new and unique way. 

Formulating without fillers and sticky actives, using only nutrients from the light oils. 


The oils we use, are carefully chosen, for their high levels of GLA’s (Gamma Linoleic Acid) and for their purity, sustainability and clinical evidenced positive effects. 

This gives the skin a massive boost, and keeps skin clear, healthy and radiant. 

 All our emulsions use the green technology and cold prossess technology of alkyl polyglucosides (APGs) which have a green claim as they are derived from sustainable sources of sugars and vegetable fatty alcohols as well as being biodegradable. 


These ingredients combine to make skin soft and beautiful without blocking pores, delivering far better results than is normally seen with natural products. 


We include the “essence” and natural smell of the botanicals and flowers from organic essential oils and absolutes for subtle natural aroma to uplift the spirit. 




Holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health. 



Our products are designed for even the most sensitive skin, but check individual ingredients for specific allergies . 

For more information on our ingredients and their magical properties see